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TOPIC: Devo 7E

Devo 7E 1 year 6 months ago #6157

I would like to have a single Tx to fly all my helis and was thinking of geting a Devo Tx with Deviation software to do so, thus the 4 questions below.

1 - Would a Devo 7E Tx with Deviation software bind with the helis below?
a) Hobby King E-Fly 136 coaxial;
b) Hobby King E-Fly SP 190 FP;
c) WL Toys v911 FP;
d) Nine Eagles Bravo SX FP;
e) Nine Eagles Solo PRO 100 3G Flybarless 3D CP;
f) Walkera Ladybird Quad V1 & V2
e) HeliMax CP125 & CX (uses 6024 Tx, same as the Walkera WK-2602 Tx)
g) Blade mSR FP;

2 - Is the range of the Devo 7E too short and is it shorter than the Devo 6, 8 and 10 Tx's?

3 - Can the Devo 7E bind to 29 models?

4 - Would the Devo 6, 8 or 10 Tx's work better with Deviation software??

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Devo 7E 1 year 6 months ago #6162

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1f,g: sure
1c: with hardware mod
1(second)e. will do when then HeliMax can be controlled with a 2602
1a,b,d,(first)e: don't know

2: discussed in the "Work on Devo 7E" thread

3: 255 models are possible

4: of course - the hard work for deViations would be useless otherwise

A hint: go for a Devo10 instead of a 7E. For little more money you have much more possibilities with this. You will find some posts which describe this.
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Devo 7E 1 year 6 months ago #6170

The solopro 100 will work with a 6s, 7e, 8s, 10, or 12 (but not a 6 or 8 unles syou have the telemetry module installed).
The 7e has significantly reduced range compared to the other Devo Tx unless you do a somewhat difficult hardware mod. For micros it probably won't matter to you though.

The Deviation software on the 7e is virtually identical to that on the Devo10 (you don't get multiple language support is the only real difference). However, the hardware is much more limited, having only 2 toggle switches and no additional analog inputs.
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Devo 7E 1 year 6 months ago #6188

Hi, tks both rbe2012 and PhracturedBlue for your responses, much appreciated!
It will be a Devo 10 Tx for me now, but I have a few follow up questions below:

A- what are the hardware mods needed on a Deviation Devo 10 Tx for it to work with a WL Toys v911 FP?
B- if both the HeliMax CP125 & CX work with the non Devo WK 2606 Tx, it will also work with the Deviation Devo 10 Tx, right?
C- Deviation home page says: "Support for other protocols with very easy transmitter modifications
Flysky/Turnigy 9X" . As both the E-Fly 136 and 190 helis work with Flysky/Turnigy 9X Tx's, what are the Tx mods needed and are they the same needed for the v911 above?
D- will a Deviation Devo 10 Tx memorize 255 diferent model helis and/or planes, indndependent of the number of model memory slots it had before using the deviation software?
E- Anyone out there has any experience in binding a Deviation Devo Tx with the Nine Eagles Bravo SX, same as the Solo Pro FP 260/270?

Again, many thanks for all the support,
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