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0000670Deviation(No Category)public2016-04-16 16:532016-09-19 20:55
Assigned ToPhracturedBlue 
Summary0000670: Main display voltage telemetry locks up at 15.x, voltage alarms dont go off
DescriptionNoticed this two days ago, it continued yesterday...

Devo 10 black, nightly v4.0.1-583c468. OrangeRx R820X V2 with DSMx telemetry enabled. Note I use the same RX on my 3S model which doesnt have this problem...

What happens is I'll be flying and my 4S battery will start to get low and when it gets to 15.1 or 15.2 (always happens at one of those two voltages) the number displayed on the main screen will freeze there and my voltage alarms will never go off (even though it's set to start at 15.4, it never starts when on main screen).

I notices this first when OSD voltage was reporting extremely low (13.3v) but devo was still at 15.2 with no alarm going off. I flew back into earshot and sure enough the on-board voltage alarms were going off as well. landed right away and verified with DMM the voltage was infact very low (by the time I got my DMM out it had recovered to 13.8 but devo main display was still locked at 15.2, but at this time the model was sitting 4 feet from the devo, I hadn't been out of telemetry range and FliteLOG counters were still working so I hadnt just flew to far away )

It does not do it on my 3S models, their voltage display works fine down to 10.x when I land. It's ONLY on 4S when it gets stuck at 15.1v / 15.2v.

Note when I go to the telemetry screen (quickpage 1) voltage is reading correct and the alarm starts to go off (I have 3 levels of voltage alarm with lvl 1 starting at 15.4) but when I go back to the main screen it's still locked at 15.x and the alarms stop sounding.

Steps To Reproduce-DSMx telmetry with voltage displayed on main screen.
-Fly till battery is drained below 15.2
-main display voltage will be stuck at 15.2 and not moving
-switch to telemetry monitor, voltage will display correct voltage and alarm(s) will sound
-exit back to main screen and voltage will jump back to 15.2 and alarm will stop
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Thomas.Heiss (reporter)
2016-04-16 21:44
edited on: 2016-04-16 21:45

Does that also happen with a genuine Spektrum RX e.g AR6210 and TM1000?

I only used 3s so far and I do not have 4s models, sorry.

Thomas.Heiss (reporter)
2016-04-16 22:01

What do you mean by you have three levels of voltage alarm?

Do you have setup 3 alarms on BatRX voltage?

I may be able to ask a friend for a 4s lipo@15.1-15.2V and test with my TM1000.
Thomas.Heiss (reporter)
2016-04-16 22:08

I still do not understand about the 15.1-15.2V problem.

3,5Vx4 = 14V
3,6Vx4 = 14,4V

15,2V/4 = 3,8V
15,1V/4 = 3,775V

IMHO it makes no sense to activate a voltage warning under load below 3,5-3,6V. This is because the lipo also breaks down under load to 3,7-3,8V when flying.

Try to use only ONE BatRX voltage warning at 14,0-14,4V.
Can you try that?

There may be a bug in the main screen and telemetry field display.
Have you tested without the main screen and only the telemetry screen?
Like alarms 1-3 which including "jumping" to telemetry screen

So far I had never actually tested displaying the lipo voltage on the main screen.
Cereal_Killer (reporter)
2016-04-18 16:55

Hello thanks for your reply.

Yes I have 3 alarms on the VOLTS2 param with 3 different custom sounds. As each alarm starts going off I downsize the radius I'm flying in so I'm closer and closer. Lvl1 is 15.4 and once it starts going off I come back to within line of sight. Lvl2 is 14.8 and once it goes off I stick to flying within a couple hundred meters. Lvl3 (which I consider my critical alarm) is 14.5 and that's when I return to land.

For testing I will remove the first 2 alarms for you. I'm not comfy setting the alarm that low but I will set it at 14.4v and test your you. I wish I had a small 4s I could test on my 200 to make it easier / quicker but I'll have the big one out this afternoon

To answer your question: yes, if I have the Devo on the telemetry screen everything works, ALL alarms go off and voltage displays smoothly. It's only on the main screen when the voltage locks at 15.1 or 15.2.

Im sorry I don't have any real spektrum gear, only devo and OrangeRx. Thanks for your replies!
Cereal_Killer (reporter)
2016-04-18 16:58

Quick question, I'm unclear how it's SUPPOSED to work...

When flying (devo on its main screen) and an alarm is triggered, am I reading right that the telemetry screen is automatically supposed to come up?

I thought I read thats how it works but that doesn't happen for me. I have to manually go to the Telemetry page (I have it set as quick page 1) and clear the alarm that way. On mine, when an alarm is triggered it just starts beeping till I figure it out.
Cereal_Killer (reporter)
2016-04-21 13:55
edited on: 2016-04-21 13:55

Been doing more testing, the issue continues to happen...

Is the telemetey config screen supposed to automatically be called up on the display when an alarm is triggered?

Should I update to the latest (or any other newer) nightly and forget about actually solving this "issue"?

PhracturedBlue (administrator)
2016-04-22 21:53

I need more information. Does the telemetry display on the main screen below 15.2 if you disable alarms altogether? if you change the alarm to a lower value, does it only freeze when it gets to that new value, or is there a specific issue at 15.1/15.2?
Thomas.Heiss (reporter)
2016-04-26 10:53
edited on: 2016-04-26 10:55

The telemetry config screen?
You probably mean the telemetry monitor with FlightLog + voltages??

AFAIK if you setup the first three alarms on the telemetry config page, then there will happen an auto jumping to telemetry monitor screen, once any of those popup.

If you setup the alarm on slot 4+, no jumping occurs.

Best thing to test would be to test without alarming, as PhracturedBlue suggested.

And if it works try removing two alarms and only have one battery voltage alarm active at 3,5-3,6V/cell.

To my knowledge it probably never has been tested with three alarms on the same battery voltage. This is really weird :-)
Maybe something with thanks to Indigos introduced new delta/re-alarming code and ENT button muting works only with one alarm setup??

Thomas.Heiss (reporter)
2016-09-19 09:49

@Cereal_Killer please post your model.ini with those (3) telemetry settings / configured alarms.

A friend of me uses a new quad on 4s, so maybe I am able to do a short re-test on devo10-v4.0.1-fcd0669 nightly build as well as 5.0.0 release with the 15.1/15.2V threshold Oct/Nov.

Telemetry battery alarm can already be setup on main page even for my version fcd0669 (so good for a first re-test), but personally I am only using 2s-3s and have not tested telemetry display in-flight on main page as well as.

Please note: I only use 1 battery telemetry alarm, not 3.
I still would be interested to see this telemetry model.ini config :)

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