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    ID # Attachment count SeverityPlatformStatusUpdatedSummary
  000067731 majorDevo7enew2017-02-23V5.0.0 for devo7e has mistake channle AIL and ELE
  0000718    minorDevo6/6Snew2016-12-21Devo 6s Quickpages do not work as expected (also 8s, 12s)
  0000717    minorEmulatornew2016-12-17Devo 12e Emulator Enter, Esc and Arrow Keys do not work as expected
  0000716 1 minorDevo12new2016-11-10Devo 12 - Letters out of grey box
  00007151   majorDevo8/8Snew2016-11-02No PPM output on Devo 8 - Official V5.0.0
  00005863   majorDevo10feedback (mwm)2016-09-22Deviation Version 4.0.1 interchanges ch1 & ch3 in failsafe setup
  00005872   majorAnyfeedback (mwm)2016-09-22Failsafe function swaps ch1 & ch3
  00005256   majorAnyassigned (Indigo)2016-09-19Devo telemetry gets random results
  00006709   majorDevo10assigned (PhracturedBlue)2016-09-19Main display voltage telemetry locks up at 15.x, voltage alarms dont go off
  00006402   featureAnynew2016-09-19Telemetry possibility to view min/max value and or count the nr of samples below some set threshold.
  00005881   featureAnyacknowledged (PhracturedBlue)2016-09-19Deviation Version 4.0.1 - Devo 10
  000062414   majorDevo10confirmed (hexfet)2016-09-18Nightly-build fcd0669: Heli CCPM 120/120X swashtype: Cyclic 1/2 is interchanged - Cyclic1 is set to AIL instead of ELEV
  00006375   minorDevo8/8Sassigned (hexfet)2016-09-18STANDARD mode 1 Servo, swapped. Checked on channel monitor ELE = Ch2 & Virt1, AIL = CH3 & Virt 2
  0000713    minorDevo7enew2016-09-17***Testing bugtracker Ignore***
  0000712    majorAnynew2016-07-16servo speed does't have a affect
  0000711    majorDevo12new2016-07-06unreliable on rssi AFHDS-2A Deviation 12s
  0000709 1 minorDevo12new2016-07-06Input indication shows may times Ch1
  0000710 2 minorDevo12new2016-07-06buttons to small for german language Devo 12s
  0000708    minorDevo12new2016-07-06Startpage config not saved Devo 12s
  0000707    majorDevoF12Enew2016-06-27Devo F12E will crash / slow down when displaying video stream
  000070312 featureDevo7enew2016-06-24DSMX protocol with Spektrum AR6335: non linear servo motion
  0000706    minorDevo7enew2016-06-22loading models uses the icon name and not the model name
  00006871   majorAnynew2016-06-20glitches on KN
  0000705    minorDevoF4new2016-06-16Devo F4 stick input screen values incorrect on right side of page only
  000069341 minorDevo7enew2016-06-10Ailron & Elevator Trims upside down
  0000698    minorAnynew2016-06-09Nightly Builds deviation-devo10-v5.0.0-eb92799 KN protocol
  0000697    featureAnynew2016-06-08trigger bing via a switch
  0000690    minorDevoF4new2016-05-24Cannot enable USB mode from the "About" screen
  0000684    majorDevo7enew2016-05-17Contdn-prop (-05d6920)
  0000678    featureDevo10new2016-05-12DSMX telemetry no settings for pole count and gear ratio in V5.0
  0000675 1 majorDevoF4new2016-05-02Devo F4 changes Mixer values/switches by itsself
  00006651   minorDevoF7new2016-04-27battery voltage reading is significantly lower than on original firmware
  0000664    minorDevoF7new2016-04-27screen brightness scale is revert
  00006691   minorDevoF7new2016-04-27lower part of the screen doesn't clear when moving between pages
  0000673    crashDevoF4new2016-04-27Devo F4 Crashes while trying to copy mixer
  0000668    minorDevoF7new2016-04-16lower part of the screen doesn't clear when moving between pages
  0000667    minorAnynew2016-04-16can't assign switches and knobs
  0000666    minorDevoF7new2016-04-16hold switch doesn't work
  0000629    featureAnyassigned (PhracturedBlue)2016-04-16Add contast/brightness controls to F12E
  000057141 minorAnyassigned (Indigo)2016-04-16Telemetry only partially functional on 200 SR X
  000066321 majorAnynew2016-04-13protocols not accessible
  000065311 majorAnynew2016-03-18Servos going wild on Delta Plane mixing
  00006617   minorDevo6/6Sassigned (mwm)2016-03-13Devo 6 Emulator No Keys Correspond to SW A, SW B, Trim L or Trim R
  0000659 1 minorDevo10new2016-02-27Not working ENT Button
  0000658 1 minorDevo10new2016-02-22Calibration screen does not clear properly
  0000657 1 minorDevo7enew2016-02-18Rudder and Aileron Reversed With XK X250 Using V2x2 Protocol
  0000656    majorDevoF12Enew2016-02-17Sometimes cyrf6936 missing module at powerup, randomly
  00006413   minorAnynew2016-02-04Font in Button Monitor Screen not following config.ini settings
  00006341   majorDevoF12Enew2016-01-29Abnormal Aux 6 and Aux 7
  0000650    minorDevoF12Enew2015-12-30about devo f12e aux6 and aux7
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