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    ID # Attachment count SeverityPlatformStatusUpdatedSummary
  00006442   crashDevo10new2015-12-01FS Crash after copying more files to DEVO10
  000064761 featureDevo7enew2015-11-22Devo 7e - Spektrum binding issue
  0000646    majorAnynew2015-11-13Install a Multi-module without a NRF24L01 will cause CC2500 not to work
  00006382   crashAnynew2015-10-13DEVO F7 WITH FIRMWARE VERSION V4.0.1
  0000639    featureDevo7enew2015-10-08Detection of trim switches in trims menu devo 7e, does not work
  00004893   featureAnyfeedback2015-09-23Sound to switch positions
  00005748   majorAnyfeedback (Indigo)2015-09-20problem with orange rx
  000063512 minorAnyfeedback (mwm)2015-08-11Black Screen
  000063014   minorAnyassigned (mwm)2015-08-06ar6210 light flashes in dsm2 mode
  00005071   minorAnyfeedback (mwm)2015-07-01Configured main page quick menu buttons have effect outside of main page
  000060911   majorAnyfeedback (mwm)2015-06-18Frsky telemetry decoding error for data id value 0x06
  0000628    minorDevoF12Eacknowledged (PhracturedBlue)2015-06-18Deviation-Uploader is overwriting ini files when it shouldn't
  0000623    minorAnynew2015-06-14Bargraphs can't display the value of input items
  00003954   majorAnyassigned (PhracturedBlue)2015-06-12Manuals: describe filesystem
  000062163 minorDevo7efeedback (mwm)2015-06-10Battery level display problem on 7E (XL7105)
  0000622    minorWebsiteassigned (PhracturedBlue)2015-06-10Need instructions on how to report an issue
  00004612   featureAnyacknowledged (PhracturedBlue)2015-06-09add "s" for timer interval values
  00005341   featureAnyacknowledged (Indigo)2015-06-09Mark invalid telemetry values in the datalog as such
  00005261   minorAnyfeedback (mwm)2015-06-09zero pitch subtrim highlight jumping to different numbers
  00004412   featureAnyassigned (Indigo)2015-06-09Variometer Feature using Telemetry?
  00006084   featureAnyassigned (PhracturedBlue)2015-06-09Changing the Transmission Power Dose not have any effect on Skyartec Protokoll
  00000322   featureAnyconfirmed (PhracturedBlue)2015-06-08Nine-Eagles binding with non-telemetry module
  00005912   featureAnyassigned (mwm)2015-06-07More flexible toggle icon selections
  00004881   featureAnyacknowledged (PhracturedBlue)2015-06-07Sound Editor Page (enhancement)
  00004911   featureAnyfeedback (mwm)2015-06-07Programmable trim switch like in ER9X
  00004401   featureDevo8/8Sconfirmed (PhracturedBlue)2015-06-07Enable Tx Power display on Main Screen as a Button to set Tx Power Level
  0000392    featureAnyacknowledged (PhracturedBlue)2015-06-07Telemetry Config Page - Add Time Local Zone and Altitude for GPS
  00005481   majorAnyfeedback (mwm)2015-06-07Devo 12 - Pitch programming not altering output
  00005561   majorAnyfeedback (mwm)2015-06-07devo 7e upgrade issue
  00005841   majorAnyfeedback (Indigo)2015-06-07Mixer Reorder and renamed virtual channels
  0000618    featureAnyassigned (mwm)2015-06-07rx battery timer
  0000418    featureAnyacknowledged2015-06-07Allow Toggle/On-Off trims to default to a given value at start-up
  00005822   minorAnyfeedback (mwm)2015-06-07Mode type 1/2/3/4 wrong for Devo 10
  0000541    featureAnyfeedback (mwm)2015-06-07Throtle-trim, High/Low
  0000552    featureAnyacknowledged (mwm)2015-06-07Feature request: beep on pot centering
  00005631   majorAnyfeedback (mwm)2015-06-07Night build v4.0.1 (3b623a8) - Devo 7E - Learning Channels (Lemon DSMX)
  00005762   majorAnyfeedback (mwm)2015-06-07Модуль NRF24L01 работает только на одном протоколе на Devo 8.
  00005801   crashAnyfeedback (mwm)2015-06-06DEVO 12S who reboot alone
  0000604    featureAnyassigned (mwm)2015-06-05Safety values need to be editable on the transmitter.
  0000616    majorAnyassigned (victzh)2015-05-31Proto X SLT unflyable
  00005331   majorAnyassigned (Indigo)2015-03-09poor range of telemetry with 4161437
  00005972   minorAnyassigned (Indigo)2015-03-02Input of virtual channels not visible in mixers?
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