1. Overview

Deviation is a replacement firmware for the Walkera Devention™ series (Devo) transmitters. The primary goal is to add support for multiple protocols, opening the full potential of this platform. The core of the deviation firmware is the mixer system, which is modeled after the system used in the Er9X firmware for the Turnigy/Flysky9x™ transmitters.

Deviation also brings USB file-system support, making it easy to manage the transmitter from any PC without the need for specialized upload/download tools.

Deviation has been designed for ultimate configurability. All model and transmitter configuration is controlled through text files which the firmware (or user) can read and write. It is easy to know exactly what is configured, as well as to modify the configuration either through the transmitter or with a text editor. The main screen is very customizable; any mix of inputs, switches, channel data, or timers can be displayed, and configured per-model.

Deviation supports multiple protocols without any modifications to the transmitter:

  • Walkera Devo 6/7/8/10/12
  • Walkera WK2401 / WK2601 / WK2801
  • DSM2 / DSMX
  • Nine Eagles J6 Pro (requires telemetry module)

Deviation can support many other protocols with very easy transmitter modifications (appropriate transceiver module needed). Among the more popular are:

  • Flysky (also for WLToys V911, V9x9, and Xieda 9938)
  • Hubsan-X4 and Estes Proto X
  • V202
  • SLT
  • FrSky

Deviation supports (flight) simulators connected via DSC cable (PPM) or USB cable (USBHID). Deviation also allows Buddy-Box and FPV setups.

Deviation can store up to 255 different models, and uses a portable syntax that allows sharing models between any transmitter supported by Deviation.

Deviation has been internationalized and comes with translations for English, Afrikaans, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian, Russian and Chinese. New languages can be added by installing the proper translation file.

1.1. Disclaimer

Deviation is experimental software. There are no guarantees made or implied about the quality or reliability of this software. RC models can cause serious injury or even death if flown improperly. By deciding to use the Deviation software, you are taking sole responsibility for the control of your models. The authors of Deviation will not be held responsible for any injury or damage whatsoever caused by the use of the Deviation firmware. Be careful and cautious.

1.2. Notices

Deviation is an independent work. The Deviation project is not affiliated, supported or acknowledged by Walkera®. The authors have never been in contact with Walkera nor do they know of Walkera’s stance on this project. The Deviation team provides no guarantee that the Deviation firmware will not harm your transmitter (although this should not be possible). There is also no guarantee that Walkera® will not make changes to future versions of the hardware, firmware of Dfuse tool which would make it incompatible with Deviation.