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Hello all! Let me first say thank you for the amount of work that everyone involved in this open source software has done.
Second, I have zero clue what any of it means, I've tried to search for the answers to the questions I currently have but I'm pretty sure I may lack proper terminology.

I currently am attempting to use the Jumper T8SG Plus on some Spectrum DSMX 2048 recievers (I do not even know what that really means but that is what they are).
I am using them on on quadcopters using Betaflight. Apparently, it matters what frame rates the transmitter is working on, 22 or 11ms.
Would someone happen to know?

The copter is bound and fly but there is something going on and I need to rule this out to continue.

My second question: On Inductrix FPV (different copter), how do I assign a switch to change flight modes. A Spectrum transmitter uses a "gear" switch but I do not know how to make one. I am able to get all switches and dials to operate but not knowing the correct parameters/values, I'll never find the right combo.

Thank you for any input :-)
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