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DEVO 7 was created by ju211
(After trolling an other thread I try to get devo 7 its own thread)

I am pretty interested in devo7, and I am willing to feel the gap.

First, from a functional point of view, I am not really sure what I / other want.
What I really want, is the support of other RX, and as long as I understand this part is already implemented.
The other subject is UI. I think we can do much better than the original in terms of ergonomics, but this is not really my main focus. Using an external tool to define configs would be fine.

From a technical point of view, some stuff are not really clear to me right now:
- USB: As I understand, not having a usb port is a problem. I think using UP-02 would solve this problem? Or does this need additional programming that I don't understand?
- I will go over the code to see where I should implement devo7 stuff. Any hint or software architecture info would be very helpful.

ju211 wrote:
Is there any plan to support devo 7?
I am not sure how hard this would be considering the screen difference. On top of the technical challenge, there is an ergonomic point to do better than the original firmware.
At the moment I don't think so. The screen is too limited, and without USB, programming is annoying. I have one, but I think defining the menus with a fixed-segment display is going to be an effort in frustration. I do plan to support the 7e though since it should be similar to the Devo10.

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