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10 Feb 2013 17:12 - 11 Nov 2015 21:12 #6214 by PhracturedBlue
Nightly Builds was created by PhracturedBlue
I have setup an automated build and upload process that will auto-generate dfu/filesystem/emu each night (asusming a new checkin has happened)

You can find the releases here:

Note that there are no guarantees made on these builds at all. They are fully auto-generated, and contain a snapshot of whatever the code looked like when the build happened. There is no manual checking done on these builds.

Also note that we do not keep previous versions of these nightly build. The only available snapshot is the latest one.

Important Information. Read this 1st
Make sure to keep the .zip file. If you need to report a crash bug, you must send me back the file along with the errors.txt file on the tx for me to be able to debug.

Make sure to upgrade the 'media' directory from the relevant filesystem at a minimum. If upgrading from 2.xx make sure to install all files in the filesystem zip (except for any existing models you don't want to overwrite)

the Devo6 uses the devo8 filesystem
the Devo7e uses the devo10 filesystem

With the devo7e you must upgrade the files in the 'protocol' dir every time you upgrade the dfu
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