T8SG: wrong telemetry reading for FlySky AFHDS-2

29 Mar 2020 13:31 #76124 by krzysiaczek99
I'm running Jumper with this image


when running FlySKy AFHDS-2 protocol with IA6C receiver (and IA6B also) I found out that e.g. when receiver is disconnected, display on jumper is not refreshed i.e show last values of voltage and RSSI not 0. FlySky I6 transmitter shows OK ie.0 and can make an alarm. I also found out that RSSI shows strange values. When the binding is OK it shows 60d (40-44DB original FlySky transmitter) but when binding is not OK (4DB FlySky) Jumper shows like 90DB. Any idea what it can be ??? Why sometimes binding is not OK ??? Seems that due to this its not possible to get alarm when voltage or RSSI drops.


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