T8SG Jumper Plus v2 XK k123 ini file in this post

23 Sep 2018 01:53 - 24 Sep 2018 03:35 #71015 by ksaves2
Here's a k123 setup for the Jumper transmitter suitable for beginners. It''s based upon the *.ini file available here but that one was for the k110 and had a crap 3 point pitch/throttle curve that is garbage. I converted it to a 5 point curve and it is half way decent for me.

"A" switch all the way up "A0" is throttle kill. "A1", one click down is armed and ready-to-fly. Make sure the mode 2 left throttle/collective is fully down so you don't get zipped upon!

"C" switch is 3D/6G switch. One or two clicks DOWN is 6G and the "G" on the OLED screen is in the negative and lit up around the black "G" letter. Remember one click down for 6G on the switch. I haven't figured out 3D and my ships go katty wumpus on 3D. One day I'll figure it out.

"B" switch is the dual rate switch and I like full throws even though I'm a beginner just flying from about May. Full "up" on the B switch or B0 is full throw on the controls. Clicking down gives less throw. With the Hall effect gimbals and a cool head/brain I do o.k. so I put the switch to full throw in the up position. I'm an old lapsed nitro guy from the late 80's so I like to bang it around
even though I didn't get much past circuits back then. Am a born again heli flier and am loving it! Crash the micros and most times, pick 'em up, straighten the blades and keep on fly'in.

The "D" switch is flight mode norm/idle up1/idle up2. NOTE WELL: I only modified the "norm" pitch and throttle curve and my k123 and for that matter my XK k110 fly well at that setting. I haven't mastered 3D setup whatsoever!! Every time I try the 3D switch, the swash goes katty wumpus on all my helis and the things go out of control!! Yeah, I'll figure it out later. Keep the D switch all the way up. If someone with more experience can comment, I welcome it!

Leave this thing in 6G with the D switch all the way "up", the C switch one click down and the k123 behaves quite nicely for me
and I expect any beginner could pull this off if they set their linkages so the blades are level with a level swash.

Again, this is a modified k110.ini and I haven't done anything with idleup 1 or 2 nor figured out the 3D setting whatsoever.
I think a beginner with the Jumper T8SG Plus v2 could find this manageable with 6G only. Again, the usual disclaimers apply and I just built upon what others have done. I have to admit, I am a feaking idiot as far as programming is concerned and just dived
into this file as no one else has posted anything for "us morons" such as me. I am really ecstatic about the mild 5 point modification of the pitch/throttle curve and really............. I couldn't believe I was able to get the timer reset switch to work.
I don't know what the f--- I'm doing but the file works for me.

Oh, I forgot. I use the "G" switch for the timer reset. Click one back (down from the horizontal) and then pull "up" for a full reset. If you leave the G switch backwards , it won't start the countdown when you lift the throttle/collective. Remember to reset, one click back and then pull the G switch forward and it will be ready to record again. Kurt

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24 Sep 2018 03:41 #71021 by ksaves2
Ahhhhh, I flew two k123's on the same file on my Jumper T8SG Plus v2 tonight and I was really amazed. Just took some
modest hover debugging and both of the heli's flew on the same freak'in file. I be happy and one day I'll figure out the 3d setting

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04 Oct 2018 23:36 #71181 by nacraracer
Replied by nacraracer on topic T8SG Jumper Plus v2 XK k123 ini file in this post
Thanks for the file here also. I finally can use this Transmitter with my XK K110. Now just to be able to use it with My Trex 450L and FlySky plane receiver.

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16 Jun 2019 01:27 #74547 by COTA
Hi there,
The ini files for the XK K100 was share by "Ultra Micro Maniacs" www.youtube.com/channel/UCSRe4fJHiTvQxy2QXKGo2Gw
It works perfectly.
keep flying and share.

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