NIHUI U807 Channel Assignments

20 Aug 2019 03:27 #74946 by Dregger
NIHUI U807 Channel Assignments was created by Dregger
This is for a NIHUI U807, board revision JR-NH-807R-REV02 2014-12-16 (printed on the top of the board, visible after unscrewing the canopy). This may or may not be different for different revisions.

The quad works with the Flysky protocol using the "V6x6" protocol option as documented on the "Supported Models" page. Unfortunately, this quad does not follow the standard channel assignments documented in the user manual. At the time this is written, I have yet to find a comprehensive list on this forum or elsewhere. So, I thought I would post what I have found for others who still fly this quad.

Channel 1: AIL
Channel 2: ELE
Channel 3: THR
Channel 4: RUD (configure as Reversed)
Channel 5: Camera (switch on then off to take a picture, keeping it on will take consecutive pictures)
Channel 6: Flips (switch on then off, then quad will flip after AIL or ELE goes to -100 or +100)
Channel 7: Return to Home (quad moves in the direction opposite the headless mode direction)
Channel 8: None
Channel 9: Video (configure as Reversed, keep switched on to record, switch off to stop recording)
Channel 10: Headless Mode
Channel 11: Lights
Channel 12: None

Note: this U807 does NOT follow the "turning the switch on toggles the state" as documented in the user manual for the flysky protocol.
Also, the U807 was not known to come with a good manual, so here are the three mode2 calibrations. To calibrate the gyro and Headless mode direction, sticks both down-right, wait to stop blinking, then sticks both down-left. For the compass calibration (be prepared to turn the quad around a few times) both down and to the center.

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