Rules for protocol requests

25 Nov 2012 13:36 #3154 by PhracturedBlue
Rules for protocol requests was created by PhracturedBlue
From the FAQ:

In order to support a new protocol, I need access to a Tx and an Rx, as well as detailed images of the transceiver circuit bord to identify the chipset. While I am happy to do protocol analysis, I limit protocol support to items that can be had for less than $50 US. So if it is possible to get a Tx and Rx in some form for less than $50, you can make a request, and I'll look into it. If the hardware costs more than that, I am unlikely to work on it unless you want to loan me your equipment (generally speaking, I work on a 'if I break it, I buy it' methodology, so your risk is quite low)

There are exceptions to this of course. At the moment I am only likely to act on requests for CYRF6936 or A7105 based protocols. I will eventually work on CC2500 and nrf24l01 based protocols, so you can make requests, but i won't act on them right away.
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