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12 Jan 2023 21:33 #78172 by hexfet
Radiolink protocol added was created by hexfet
Thanks to DIY-Multiprotocol-TX-Module project. I ported this because I got a car that uses the Dumbo protocol.

Entry from the manual is below. Due to memory constraints this protocol is not available in Devo6 or Devo8.

Please look in the test build list for [hexfet]nightly_build. Not posting the direct link because it changes with each build.

The Radiolink protocol supports Radiolink and Dumbo receivers.

The protocol supports up to 8 channels. Default channel order is AETR. Telemetry is implemented using the Frsky telemetry layout. The following values are supported: VOLT1, VOLT2, RSSI, LRSSI, and LQI. Telemetry is not supported by the Dumbo protocol format.

* VOLT1 - Receiver battery
* VOLT2 - Main battery
* RSSI - Receiver RSSI
* LRSSI - Local RSSI
* LQI - received/expected telemetry packets (percentage)[/li]

The following protocol options are available.

**Format**: Receiver selection for Air, Surface, or Dumbo.

**Freq-Fine**: Frequency offset adjustment. Range -127 to 127. Adjusts for variances betweeen CC2500 modules. Default 0.

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