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 +===== Version 2.1.0 =====
 +Version 2.1.0 was released on 2012-12-16
 +This is primarily a bug fix release
 +==== Changes ====
 +  * Fixed all known reboot issues. ​ Code appears to be much more stable
 +  * Add options to fully configure PPM (Note: PPM defaults have changed, recalibration may be needed)
 +  * Telemetry will turn red on the main page when it stops being transmitted
 +  * Telemetry will not continue to beep when it is not being received
 +  * Telemetry can be disabled via protocol options
 +  * Servo-scaling can be set independently for positive and negative values
 +  * Don't display voltage until it is valid
 +  * Mixer no longer allows '​None'​ as an input
 +  * DSM2 should now work for 4/5 channels
 +  * Cyclic mixing is no longer normalized. ​ Models may need to be retuned
 +  * Servo-speed is now saved in the model file
 +  * Protocol options are now saved in the model file
 +  * Telemetry temperature readings should now work
 +  * Failsafe for Devo protocols is now implemented. ​ Not yet available on other protocols
 +  * Afrikans and Spanish languages
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