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Welcome to the DeviationTx wiki, a wiki where all the users of DeviationTx can contribute and benefit from their collective findings and experimentation.

Here you can learn about DeviationTX and the Walkera line of Devo transmitters. Anyone can post and share tutorials, tips & tricks, model config files, and anything else that you feel will benefit the community.

Getting Started

If you are just starting out on DeviationTX, have not decided on which transmitter to buy, or just need a quick refresher, this is where you should begin. You will find detailed installation instructions along with references to some information to help you start using it.

List of Example Model Configurations

An extensive list of model files that have been submitted by the DeviationTx forum users.

Getting Help

If you're already using deviationTx and something isn't working, you're looking for a model or icon, want guidance on how to do something, or just want to know more about it, this is the place to start.

Hardware & Modifications

Once you've got deviationTx installed and working, there are a number of modifications you can make to the hardware to make your transmitter more useful. They are documented here.

Adding RF Modules

If you didn't already know, DeviationTx supports extra RF modules for use with models from different manufacturers. It's one of the first mods most users will do.

We've gathered quite a bit of information about our various transmitters over the years in order to mod and improve on them. Read here to find out more about your particular TX and the modifications you can make to them.

Transmitter Switches

Voice output

Change SPI Flash Chip

Supported protocols


Whether your interest is in building the code yourself, or understanding the hardware the Deviation runs on, you can find more information on our Development Resources page

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