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4-in-1 Module

By replacing the original CYRF module in your Devo with this module, you can get the full complement of modules that your Devo (with Deviation firmware installed) is capable of supporting: A7105, CC2500, NRF24L01, and CYRF6936 RF modules, all using the original antenna on your Devo.

Shown below is the Devo 4-in-1 Module with the Devo daughter board, made specifically for the Devo line of radios. Once you plug it in to the existing socket (on Devos other than the 7E), only 3 more connections are needed from the board to the controller; one each for enabling the A7105, CC2500, and NRF24L01 components that are under the metal shield. Click on an image for a detailed close-up view.

Read post #55157 by Vlad_vy for guidance on soldering to various controllers, along with the associated hardware.ini file settings for enabling the modules in Deviation. Note: You must NOT be logged in to the Forum for the above link to work properly.

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