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Adding External Modules to Your Deviation Transmitter


The Deviation firmware implements several protocols that the Devo series radios do not have the necessary hardware to support. To enable these protocols, it is necessary to install additional 2.4GHz transceiver modules. The following modules are supported: Note: Be very careful when purchasing modules from Aliexpress or Ebay. The vendors love to use search-optimized titles which will often list multiple chip names in the title despite only supporting one of the listed chips.


The following modules are supported by Deviation: A7105, CC2500, NRF24L01, CYRF6936. Each can control a different set of modules/receivers. A (mostly complete) list of models and the corresponding modules can be found in the Supported Models list. More information on each module as well as hints on where to obtain them can be found on the Supported modules page. Information how to build a “universal module” can be found here Building the Multi-Module.

Module Installation

NOTE: Read through this entire manual before starting work. Make sure you understand what is needed and how to do it. Also, this procedure will void the warranty of your Devo transmitter in the process of implementing this modification.

Necessary Tools

  • Transceiver module (A7105, CC2500, NRF24L01, CYRF6936, or 'Universal Module')
  • Small Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Solder-sucker or solder wick (strongly recommended)
  • hack-saw (optional)
  • wire-cutters
  • fine-gauge wire (30AWG ‘wire-wrap’ wire recommended)
  • wire-wrap tool (optional)
  • fine-tip (<30W) soldering-iron (NOT a soldering gun)
  • electronics solder
  • soldering flux (recommended)


The following pages detail instructions for installing into various Devo transmitters:

Enabling modules

After you have installed the module, you will need to enable them by editing a file on your transmitter. This is described in Enabling modules.

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