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Enabling External Modules to Your Deviation Transmitter


The Deviation firmware implements several protocols that the Devo series radios do not have the necessary hardware to support. To use these protocols, it is necessary to install additional 2.4GHz transceiver modules. Please see Module Installation for instructions on how to do that. After you have added the modules, you must enable them by editing the hardware description in files on the transmitter file system.

Accessing the file

To get to the file, you will need to mount your transmitters file system on your computer and edit it. To do that, plug a USB cable between your transmitter and computer, and power it on while holding down the `ENT` button. Do whatever is required on your system access the drive that appears. You will also need an ASCII file editor. On Windows, Notepad++ works, but the standard Windows Notepad will leave the file unreadable by your transmitter.

Firmware Version

Deviation versions up to and including 4.0.1 use the `tx.ini` file to specify extra hardware information. All currently available nightly builds and versions beyond that use `hardware.ini`. The information in the two files is the same.

The ''modules'' section

Additional modules are listed in the modules section. In hardware.ini, it should already be there, with everything commented out. In tx.ini, you will have to add it. To do so, add the following text above the line that reads [calibrate]:

; there is no need to enable the cyrf6936 module unless
; it is wired to an alternate port. It is Enabled automatically otherwise
; enable-a7105    = A13
; has_pa-a7105    = 1
; enable-cc2500   = A14
; has_pa-cc2500   = 1
; enable-nrf24l01 = A14
; has_pa-nrf24l01 = 1
; enable-multimod = A13

Enabling modules

For each module you have added, find the line that says enable-???? where ???? is your module type, and uncomment it by removing the ; at the start of the line. Check the value on that line. If you connected the module CSN signal to TMS pin in your transmitter, the value should be A13. If you instead connected it to the TCK pin, the value should be set to A14.

If the module is being plugged into a multimodule, then the values are S1 for the A7105, S3 for the CC2500 and S402 for the NRF24L01.

If the module has a power amplifier, then you should also uncomment the has_pa-???? line for that module. The value will always be 1.

Note that your Devo transmitter comes with a CYRF6936 module built in. That one will be enabled automatically, and you don't want to enable the module here.

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