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V911 Module Removal

Note: There are a few WLToys transmitters that do not contain an A7105 module and cannot be used for these procedure. An example is the V202 transmitter. Note that these transmitters may be labeled as V929/V939 even though they are not actually compatible with those models.

Removing the A7105 module form a V911 transmitter will destroy the transmitter. Do not proceed until you accept this.

Step1: Disassemble V911 Transmitter

The 1st step is to disassemble the V911 transmitter. Start by removing 5 screws from the back of the transmitter as shown 1722366841-backcover1.jpg

Once the screws are removed, pull the antenna off; it will be tight, but will come off once the screws are removed. Next, remove the 8 screws shown below that hold in the main circuit-board and LED-board. At this point, it should be possible to pull the main-board away from the transmitter case. 1711178198-insidescrews.jpg

Step 2: Remove the A7105 transmit module

Now that the main board is fully exposed, it is time to remove the A7105 transmit module


The easiest way is probably to use a hack-saw or wire-cutters to cut out the module. If this method is used make sure none of the pads are sorted together when finished. Alternatively using a solder-sucker syringe or solder-wick, the module can be de-soldered and cleanly removed.


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