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Hubsan h107L Please help

24 Oct 2013 15:57 #14927 by Boomagoo
Boomagoo created the topic: Hubsan h107L Please help
Hi I'm new to this and just purchased
My first hubsan H107L -
I need to know if u can purchase the same
Extra props or blades as u can use on the hubsan
H107 - and what kind of replacement
Battery I should buy - I'm just not sure what ones
Fit for what models - I saw a replacement
Pack "crash pack" on amazon for the hubsan h107
Battery -props- new shell or case -motor
But I read it's not compatible with the H107L
Version. - any help with this hubsan would be so thankful
It's my first one - I'm very new to all of this
Thank you

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25 Oct 2013 04:07 - 25 Oct 2013 04:12 #14935 by Daryoon
Daryoon replied the topic: Hubsan h107L Please help
The H107L has blades with a the hub that extends lower. It prevents damage to the motor during crashes. If you use the older H107 blades, there's a high possibility of damaging the motor without doing one a prop saver mod. This was one of the fatal flaw of the H107 and the Traxxas QR-1.

Your H107L fixes that flaw with the prop. So I would definitely stick with H107L props.

The H107L is new enough that many places still don't carry replacement parts.

If I were you, I would just buy a bunch of spare parts from BangGood .

Here's the listing for Hubsan X4 parts .

The H107C props will work too because they have the built in motor protector like the H107L. And they have other color options to choose from.

Shipping have been about 2weeks for me. But it can sometimes be longer. So be aware of that.

Keep your lipo order separate. The postal carrier have been more strict with shipping lipo, so orders with lipo may be delayed. Shipping is free...so I simply make each purchase as a separate item. Small packages seems to arrive quicker for me.

My favorite lipo are the 5 for $12 UDI u816 . Works as well as the original X4 lipo. And great price. Despite showing 240mAh. The lipo that arrived were 250mAh 25c. Good stuff. Lots of us are using it with the X4 and other quads.
Last Edit: 25 Oct 2013 04:12 by Daryoon.

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28 Oct 2013 22:58 #15098 by Boomagoo
Boomagoo replied the topic: Hubsan h107L Please help
Thanks !!

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