Devo 12s Stick Calibration

02 Dec 2014 21:03 - 02 Dec 2014 21:15 #26732 by Collocott
Devo 12s Stick Calibration was created by Collocott
Hi anyone and everyone ;)

I've been trying to calibrate the sticks on my devention 12s Transmitter and just not getting anywhere. I've gone onto youtube and tried everything others say to do (however, I can't find any clips on the Devo12s calibration - only the 7 & 8..)

Every combination I've tried (From starting with throttle down to throttle in the center, finishing with throttle in the center, all switches forward / 0, rotating anticlockwise instead of clockwise, one at a time, and many many more combinations) just comes back with "Calibration Error! Please try again!"

Please help as I've now run out of ideas and different :(

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27 Mar 2019 06:51 #73569 by paiste2002
Replied by paiste2002 on topic Devo 12s Stick Calibration
Hi there, i have a Devo 12s and i will explain how to do it ....
press Start ,,,,, you have to move the toggles clockwise or anti clockwise twice around the full outter movement then put them both in the middle. One will stay in the middle and just copy it to the spring one ....
Then you have 4 slider switches on the top left and right of the radio.... move all of these in any order back and forth twice and back in the middle of all 4 sliders.... then press Stop ..... this will say Calibration Successful..... hope this helps you

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