How to calibrate ESC Throttle end points

29 Oct 2018 04:24 - 29 Oct 2018 04:26 #71498 by Mikulas

I have an electric Align 700e with Devo 8s, RX 1202, Kbar Golden Warrior (not mini Kbar) and CC Ice2 HV120. I went through the vstabi configuration and I need to calibrate the throttle end points. The thing is that I watched a LOT of videos, but walkera seems to be different. I finally saw a video when this guy plugs the ESC cable into the RX'sThrottle port and it worked. The thing is that after I connect the cable back the motor wont start. The ESC led wont constantly blink red anymore. It is solid yellow now which according to manual it shows data log full.

I will try and diagram my connections. Maybe its a connection mistake. Some people told me to leave the channel 4 on my Kbar open. Here is the diagram:

Connections to my Kbar Golden Warrior (not mini Kbar):

Tail servo = Tail rotor servo from heli
Channel 1...3 = Swashplate servos from heli (elev channel 1, Pitch channel 2, Aileron channel 3)
Channel 4 = Swashplate servo 4 / Programmable for ESC/Throttle output (special use on 5.1 Gov. Pro) I have my ESC plugged here
Rudder/Aux2 = Input cable from RX Rudder
Collective/ESC = Input cable from RX Throttle
Aileron = Input cable from RX Aileron
Elevator = Input cable from RX Elevator
Aux = Input cable from RX Gear
Gyro = Remote Gyro cable (this is a horizontal port on my Kbar)

I will attach some pictures just so you can take a look at what I have.

Hope I was clear enough!

Jose A. Mikulas
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29 Oct 2018 05:34 #71499 by Gerry
Replied by Gerry on topic How to calibrate ESC Throttle end points
Just thinking out loud.
I think The Gold Warrior does not support Governor function for this.
For standard receiver types the esc should be plugged into receiver according to VBar instructions. Rx1202 is a standard pwm receiver.
When using s-bus the throttle can be passed through the k-bar but not with pwm receiver.
So I think with the Rx1202 you will have to plug the esc directly to the Rx.

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