Assigning variables

09 Nov 2018 22:09 #71689 by Peeeter
Assigning variables was created by Peeeter
I just read yet another tutorial on Deviation programming, and found this (green = comments from the tutor, red = my comments):

((This means don’t use a source in this case))
{{Good to know, I could have sworn it means to use the AILeron as a source}}
((The destination output mixer is Virtual 1))
((Use a scalar of 0 to keep the value at 0 until pressed))
((Keep this value at 0))
{{Oh gosh}}

Am I the only one around who finds this kind of programming extremely messy and dangerous, prone to lots of mistakes and unexpected behavior?

Why aren't simple assignments allowed, like

Virt1 := 0

which would not only condense 4 awfully confusing lines into 1, but make things safe and immediately understandable??

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10 Nov 2018 04:01 #71703 by hexfet
Replied by hexfet on topic Assigning variables
Recommend starting with the resources on this site. The Complex Mix Type section in the user manual includes the equations that show how the values in the model file are used. The Guides and Tutorials link in the wiki includes a tutorial written by a developer. That should get you down the right path far enough to spot incorrect information in other places.

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