Is EastSoft HW2181 a compatible chip?

29 Apr 2019 11:08 #74170 by Rossos
Hello forum. First post here.
It has been suggested to me to ask my question here, in these forums, regarding my hardware.

My main question is:
Is the chip EastSoft HW2181 compatible in any capacity with the software provided here?

More in depth:
My toy RC quadcopter is from Lidl: PowerRC Quadrocopter

What I have tried so far:
I have a RC radio FlySky fs i6x
Purchased the iRangeX iRX6 Multiprotocol TX Module for Flysky FS-i6 i6x TransmitteriRangeX in hopes that it will work with the toy quadcopter.
Unfortunately none of the protocols of the module bind to the quadcopter.
Two of protocol selections did not produce any led flashing on the module, however I am not sure if it is working as intended, faulty firmware, and/or unrelated to this forum at all.
The full list of models/protocols of the iRangeX module is available in PDF from here .

The toy has three fly speeds, slow-normal-aggressive. It is able to do flips. LED lights are toggle-able. The remote control has a similar EastSoft chip - HW2171
Extra features (if available on aircraft):
Channel 5: led light, 3 pos. rate on CX-10 and FQ777-124, H7, inverted flight on H101
Channel 6: flip control

Personal Speculations:
Eva2king Drone X5c appears to have the same chip on the board. The quadcopter shell has a very similar look to SYMA and obviously the model X5C.
elmsem website also has this SYMA drone claiming they use HW2181+HW2171 chips
Michael Melchior's BLOG describes reverse engineering a quadcopter drone from LIDL, however it appears to be different to mine.

Ideally I wanted to use my existing FlySky fs-i6x controller and the iRangeX iRX6 module to control the quadcopter to have "more resolution on the sticks" when flying it.
Reading up on Deviation's wiki and tutorials I understand that this forum is more dedicated to Walkera Devo® series RC Transmitters.
Neither the drone model, nor the chip appears to be on Supported Models and/or Supported Protocols.
The least I could do is show compatibility interest for my model/chip.

Any help is very much appreciated.

Visual references:

PS. You can see for yourself that my cat is not very thrilled with that is about to follow :P

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29 Apr 2019 21:40 #74172 by goebish
Replied by goebish on topic Is EastSoft HW2181 a compatible chip?
It's not supported, I might have a look into it someday but don't hold your breath ;)

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09 Oct 2019 01:04 - 09 Oct 2019 01:06 #75206 by t_mac116
Replied by t_mac116 on topic Is EastSoft HW2181 a compatible chip?
Hello Mr.Rossos, Mr.goebish, and forum.
I found a new Toy using this chip. (EastSoft Transmitterr:HW2171 Reciever:HW2181)
I hope that this DeviationTX will support it.

Eachine E016F

Eachine E019
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