Flysky FS-RX2a bind problem

25 Jun 2018 19:54 - 25 Jun 2018 22:45 #69716 by Muskoka
Flysky FS-RX2a bind problem was created by Muskoka
Purchased a FS-RX2a receiver from here, , and I'm not having any luck binding (I think) to my Devo 10 with the 4 in 1 installed. Module is fine (no asterisks), have over 20 models of various brands, but none of these Flysky receivers up to this point. When I look at the chip on the receiver it says "A 7106". Using version 5.0.0. on my Devo 10.

Turning on the Devo 10 and get ready to bind.

Connect a battery to the f3 flight controller while holding the bind button, receiver flashes blue fast. Receiver is soldered to 5V, GND, and SBUS on the controller.

Select bind using AFHDS 2A, PPM/SBUS in Devo.

Blue light goes out, then flashes slow, never goes solid, and Devo just stays at bind page, click ok to quit.

Disconnect battery from fc, turn off radio, turn radio on, power fc, and the blue light is solid on the receiver, but no movement in Betaflight on the receiver page.

Have tried Uart1 and 3,no luck. Have Serial receiver and Sbus selected on config page in Betaflight. Not new to this so I don't think the issue is on the Betaflight end. If it's bound properly, I should have receiver movement in Betaflight.

I have a "Flysky PPM" only, no Sbus receiver working just fine on another quad.

Any thoughts....

Edit: Disregard, this receiver is advertised as PPM/SBUS, when in fact it is PPM/IBUS. Once I made that change in Betaflight all is well.
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02 Jul 2018 04:20 #69748 by Rjx
Replied by Rjx on topic Flysky FS-RX2a bind problem
Does not look like an rx2a to me. Moe like fs82.

For flysky rx based on my experience, all I know is pwm/ppm/ibus outputs only.

All my quads use ibus.

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