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Devo 7 TX PPM out to 2.4Ghz Hack Module

01 Jul 2018 16:18 #69745 by propnut
Hello all

I know the Devo 7 is not supported but I was wondering if it would be possible to install a 2.4G hack module like the Frsky DHT to it. On old 35Mhz sets there was a PPM feed to the RF output and this is where the hack module would be connected. I am aware that the Devo uses a serial interface but was wondering if there was a way to get PPM, maybe from the trainer port ?

Many thanks

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02 Jul 2018 07:05 #69749 by FDR
Replied by FDR on topic Devo 7 TX PPM out to 2.4Ghz Hack Module
The trainer port gives you PPM if you plug in a mono jack, but the different channel order might be problematic...

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13 Jul 2018 12:54 #69869 by Thinker
Replied by Thinker on topic Devo 7 TX PPM out to 2.4Ghz Hack Module
Yeah, it easy to add a module, although it do depend on the module.

I no longer use my old Devo 7, but I did add a Orange RX DSM2/DSMX module on the back in a custom 3D printed case for lowest profile and connected it to the DSC jack via a D2P2 switch. I didnt want something poking out to much on the back or be in the way of my fingers, which is the reason for the custom case (and I have a 3D printer so its easy). Moved up the antenna jack by the module power/connect switch on top left shoulder. I moved the buzzer with a cable, changed PCB side for buttons and LEDs so all is on the same side with DIP switches. I made one 5mm hole for antenna and power+ppm, and its fastened with 4 screws.
HK module link

Usage is make a model as normal, but set the power to lowest as a precaution. When the module needs to be used, select the model, turn of the transmitter, flip the switch on the top left to DSM mode (gives power to the module, and connect the two sensing lines in the DSC jack), start up the transmitter. Use as normal. The display will show "PC" but everything works as it should. If the power/module switch is flipped in module usage you will lose connection, but if it happens in "Walkera" mode (aka normal non module) the Devo 7 ignores the module and you wont loose connection. Devo 7 only switch depending on if DSC senses something plugged in at start up. Basically DSC is a 4pin TRRS jack, and normal cables are TRS, so they short the last R to ground T, and thats what the transmitter senses. I have named models with a W or D in the start so I know with mode should be used.

If I where to do it again now I would probably use something like Jumper 4in1 module instead to give more options.
HK Jumper 4in1 link

I have made a few other mods like a mount for a 5inch VRX monitor and power out jack for that on the right top shoulder and a AER Trimlock (disconnects the trims for AER so they cant be changed accidentally). Internally I replaced the 7805 regulator with a switched regulator, increase the charging current with a parallell resistor on top of the normal, and made a charging LED over the jack (using a 9.6V 1600mAh NIMH battery).

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