Lack of practical model set ups, & guides

28 Mar 2019 07:03 #73578 by Mitch
To anyone who is interested!!!!!
it is hard not knowing who runs, owns or distributes the Jumper v2 plus series of radios.
In my opinion, there should be
1/ a “go to” person, who can direct a customer enquiry to the right person.
2/ to a prospective pilot who is contemplating the purchase of the deviation Jumper series.
The So called Manual, all 110 pages !!!!! is almost useless, as apart from a few model templates, it GIVES NO PRACTICAL EXAMPLES FOR SIMPLE MODEL SET UPS
e.g., point by point instructions on how to
set rate switches, channel reversing, mixing Ail to Rudder, Flap to Elevator mixing etc etc to get you up in the air quickly.
Instead of gaining a lot of interest by showing my club members, they are being turned off the radio, because of the difficulty in navigating the the complex mixes, so, a library on the web site with listings of working model set ups, would be o great help & definitely needed
Mitch TRB

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28 Mar 2019 11:05 #73583 by Fernandez
Replied by Fernandez on topic Lack of practical model set ups, & guides
This is a free software, open source, nothing to do with Jumper. Jumper just make the hardware, everybody does it in its own time.
don't complain, but help :)
Feel free to contribute to the project.....!

A wish from myself, more model templates by default in each standard deviation build. So we can already choose flapperon models, wing, gliders etc. some templates dual rates etc,
Also template with all switches assigned to channels could be usefull, fi for Quad model.

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