You want double or triple rates on your T8SG?

30 Jun 2019 03:44 #74619 by Ultracon
I have finally figured out how to program the T8SG to use SAFE technology from Spektrum and to program double or triple rates on any of my aircraft! In programming the SAFE receiver aircraft, I have switch A for three rates, low, medium and high and I have switch programmed as the panic switch for automatic leveling. In addition, I have a Tiger Moth with a Lemon receiver and I have triple rates on all control surfaces. I have a UMX Timber with switch A covering the three rates for elev, ail, rudder and elevator. I have programed double rates for the flaps at 25% throw and 100% throw, controlled by switch C. If anyone is interested I can give you the settings for doing all that stuff.

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