Mix order, does it matter

13 Mar 2020 18:19 #76066 by yammahoppy
Mix order, does it matter was created by yammahoppy
I am trying to use a Trim switch I have set up as a momentary switch to modify the values of my arm switch. I have the trim switch working as a momentary switch now I need to get the arm switch to work right. I have the arm switch on a 2 position switch with up/arm and down/unarmed. I want to use the trim switch to modify the range in betaflight so when the trim switch is active and the quad is disarmed, the beeper goes off. I am unsure how to modify the mix of the Am/Disarm switch to get this done. Right now the arm/disarm switch has 2 mixes with the up and down values at 100,-100 on each page respectively.

Can I just add another page of he switch mix and add a value to the disarm value of the disarm switch to get the range i want?
Do I need to put this page after the page that has the switch value I want to change or does the order not matter?
Do I need to change the MUX on the switch page to be changed to "Replace"?

any other help would be great......

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