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14 May 2024 13:44 #78436 by Donthemon
Detailed documentation? was created by Donthemon
Hi - I have a Devo7e and the basic programming seems quite simple. However, as soon as go to try anything complex e.g glider crow flap, my head explodes and I totally fail!

I have found the basic Devo documentation on this site, as well as DeconstructingDeviationModelIniFiles-2.pdf, but I am after something that is somewhat lower level and that ACTUALLY explains how the mixer paradigm works. For example, how would you start to think about doing something like this?:
- A glider having separate aileron and flap surfaces in each wing,
- the ailerons go up and down as standard via the aileron stick, with flap movement on each side following the appropriate aileron, but only having 20% of the aileron movement,
- the throttle stick pushed forward drops both flaps and raises both ailerons to act as air brakes (so-called crow flaps) AND also proportionally drops the elevator to hold the aircraft trim position.

I have tried to do this, but rapidly disappear into the complexities of the deviation mixers, never to return. So, how would you approach a complex mix of multiple channels, activated by different transmitter controls?

All of the documentation I have found assumes that you understand how deviation tx works, which I still obviously don't. There is some really cool model programming on this site, but even looking at this it takes me days or weeks to not be able to create anything complex.

So, any help would be gratefully received.


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14 May 2024 17:10 - 14 May 2024 17:12 #78437 by -=Hubi-Dirk=-
Replied by -=Hubi-Dirk=- on topic Detailed documentation?
I find it difficult to program such functions on a Devo 7e because of the display and the layout. I have a Devo 12s and a 7e.

Your request is really very complex and I have read various threads in another forum in which programming with OpenTX or EdgeTX was discussed. Therefore, I can get an idea of how extensive the programming can be for a glider.

If you want to program in Deviation then I would recommend that you do this on a Windows PC with an emulator, the Devo 12 emulator would be well suited for this, I think, as it offers a good overview. However, the mixers are also displayed here page by page and you have to click your way through.

So you could program a basic function first, transfer it to the 7e and adapt and test it step by step.

You can have a look at the display of a complex mixer page in the manual under point 8.2.6 to see if you would get along better with it.

If you want to go this way, I can provide you with a config for a motor glider that works with spoilers as an example of programming on the Devo 12s.
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14 May 2024 19:22 #78438 by Donthemon
Replied by Donthemon on topic Detailed documentation?
Hi - I suppose my problem is that I am coming from JR 388 and a Multiplex MC24 transmitters where mix complexity is hidden behind a human-readable wrapper.

For example, on the MC24, for a 4 servo wing crow flap mix, you would first select Wing type as '4 Servo', then you would set the throws, directions and other info of each servo channel from a single menu line for each channel, with the throttle stick channel invoking the mix, and that's it! No deep complexity and no worries about how each of the surface mixes has to be built.

In contrast, deviation is a complete mystery as I can find nowhere a description of how its particular programming paradigm can be used to design and then build all of the mixes required for situations such as a 4 servo glider wing. I'm sure it must be possible... but how and where to even start? :S

I really like the Devo 7 transmitter as it is so small, but I guess its display and programming interface limitations are making my life difficult. Your suggestion of an emulator is useful and if you could send me your model.ini with the spoilers as an example, that would be really helpful.

Thanks a lot


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15 May 2024 06:12 - 15 May 2024 06:16 #78439 by -=Hubi-Dirk=-
Replied by -=Hubi-Dirk=- on topic Detailed documentation?
Everything unknown requires a big step forward at the beginning. The good thing is that you can try everything out on the ground without causing any damage.

In the ini file you will see that the ailerons of my kunai are mixed with a fixed value via a switch. In your case, the SRC would not be a switch, but the THR channel. Adjust the straight line of the addition as required, steeper or flatter, so that the function of the aileron is still maintained.

The use of the spoiler also triggers a fixed mix on the ELE channel. The values used are determined with the Kunai itself, but these can be adjusted.

The Kunai ini file is attached, protocol is DEVO.
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03 Jun 2024 14:21 #78487 by Donthemon
Replied by Donthemon on topic Detailed documentation?
Hi - thanks for your Kunai model.ini, but I am obviously still missing something (or a lot of things).

However much I look at this, I just can't see how you would create this model.ini. With previous Graupner or JR transmitters, I would, for example, use menus to first select a flight mode, then select a channel to be changed, then make the change(s) I wanted and that would be it. Devo is obviously doing this in a very different way, and I just can't see how.

I think I understand, at least conceptually, how deviation works, with channel assignments, mixes to/from each channel, a flow of input channel -> mix(s) -> output channel. The trouble is that the Devo 7E gui is so awful to use (I tried loading the emulator, but couldn't get it to work properly), that I cannot see how to add a switch that will change the subtrim of a channel, without affecting the rest of the mix or doing nothing at all.

I can't be the only inexperienced deviation user with these problems, but I cannot find anything that explains how to do things like a setting above on a Devo 7E.

Any help, would be gratefully received.

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