Devo 7e DSM2 won't bind with OrangeRX R720x v2

15 Feb 2017 19:36 #59164 by ynr
On my Devo 7E the latest Deviation 5.0 nightly is installed (9d52e48) and I cannot bind to R720x v2 using DSM2, although DSMX works fine with the exact same settings, except for the protocol itself of course. It's worth to add that I try to bind without telemetry, which means I have an additional bind plug installed on THRO. The settings that work with DSMX, but not with DSM2 are the following:
  1. DSMX or DSM2: Telemetry: off; OrangeRx: true
  2. # Channels: 7

I have also tried using 12 channels, since I plan to use SBUS, but it also doesn't work. Is this a known issue? Any fixes for this?

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