Off-tx programming

15 Feb 2017 22:38 #59169 by mwm
Off-tx programming was created by mwm
My latest heli purchase was odd - I found the RTF version (with the Spectrum DXe) for less than the BNF version. So I got a DXe to play with. It old school, in that it has to be connected to a computer to configure it. Except "computer" includes android and IOS, and the connection can be wireless - at least on the better transmitters.

This was something that was suggested by users in the survey a while back, but didn't really make my radar back then. But if Spektrum think it's worth doing, maybe we ought to look at it.

The DXe might even be a suitable target. It's got an STM32F051 with 64K of flash and 8K of SRAM. So anyone got a feel for how much flash/sram the GUI on deviation takes up? That wouldn't exist at all in such a build; you'd edit and load the model file on a real computer, then have the Tx load that. Probably do the protocol files at the same time.

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