Easy DIY inputs & audio

24 Feb 2017 19:14 #59577 by mwm
Easy DIY inputs & audio was created by mwm
Well, easy from the hardware point of view. It'll still take some software work.

Adafruit just announced their arcade bonnet . That's 6 buttons/switches, a digital joystick input, an analog joystick input, and an audio amplifier in a Pi zero form factor. Best of all from our point of view, it includes a GPIO/I2C converter so you can get to all that with just I2C pins. Using that is why it needs programming support.

Lots of questions. For one, can it be used without the GPIO controller, so you can use all those inputs on a 7E or 6S as is? Can something be co-opted to support multi-way switches of some kind (that digital joystick input looks promising)? Most importantly, will it support the high precisions gimbals we need.

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