Devo 7e emulator 2 issues

19 Dec 2017 21:01 #66538 by MikeNH
Devo 7e emulator 2 issues was created by MikeNH
Devo 7e with Deviation version deviation-devo7e-v5.0.0-6e65ddc

#1 With every keystroke or mouse movement the emulator produces a two-tone beep sound that I can't eliminate. This happens with every model.ini file. Attached, please find my hardware.ini and tx.ini files.

#2 Regardless of the model.ini files used, there appears this black block on the home screen that gets created the first time the mouse moves over this area. (See attachment).

Windows 10 is the operating system. It is the annoying keystroke sounds that are the bigger problem. I'm at this for about 6 months now and am working to learn the model creation system using the emulator.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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20 Dec 2017 01:32 #66544 by MikeNH
Replied by MikeNH on topic Devo 7e emulator 2 issues
UPDATE: The "blob" in the upper right corner is "Battery=102,1" entry. On the Devo 7e, the battery voltage is rendered correctly. The key board entry beeps are annoying but by muting the Windows 10 volume, the problem is minimized.

Thanks to all for the wonderful DeviationTx ecco system you've created. This along with LibrePilot has been a wonderful learning experience.

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