Mini Font for CN/TW/RU

23 Nov 2018 16:15 - 23 Nov 2018 16:18 #71859 by csujun
Mini Font for CN/TW/RU was created by csujun
In order to support the other language which needs additional font support, current implementation requires to place the big font file into the flash. And this is not possible for F-serial Tx.

I have a F12E and I want to get Chinese loaded. Here is my proposal:
1. Modify the perl script to generate a mini font file for each language need additional font.

Using 15normal to generate cn font is about 10KB, 12normal as 8KB. for ru, only 1KB. this is great save for flash.

2. When change the language, load additional font file if needed.
3. Use two fonts (base + additional) to render the text. all characters < 255 will lookup in base font, otherwise in additional font.
4. For F12E, there is still 200 slots to place the font. We need change LCD driver to dynamic load the font into SRAM like MappedCharacter. I didn't have a good design on how to manage the characters in SRAM.

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