Deviation devs - please assist on CRSF update!

04 Oct 2021 14:29 - 04 Oct 2021 14:33 #77589 by belrik
As many of you know, the CRSF on-the-wire protocol is used for Crossfire, Tracer and also ExpressLRS.

ExpressLRS has gained popularity and many users with Deviation radios like T8SG, T8SGv2 will want to try ExpressLRS.

However, there are some bugs in DeviationTX's CRSF implementation which are being uncovered as eLRS is using the CRSF menu system to drive more tasks than older Crossfire modules have used. eLRS can work at 250Hz packet rates on DeviationTX already but the menu system is crucial to unlocking the full potential of the modules. With CRSF the menus are dynamically rendered, and the contents of the menus are sent from the TX module to the radio, which dynamically sets field names and contents based on the information from the module.

CRSF is a defined protocol spec and documented fairly well over in OpenTX but the DeviationTX spec is missing some items and this is a call out to anyone familiar with DeviationTX to ask if you can help complete the DeviationTX protocol spec!

We have noticed that CRSF device names longer than 12 characters will not render in DeviationTX, despite the coded limit being 16 characters. There are also issues with pop-ups for confirmation dialogues. If we could complete the CRSF menu system it will mean that DeviationTX users will be able to use their radios with new products for many years to come, and access useful functionality like the built-in bluetooth joystick mode in eLRS TX modules amongst other things.

Myself and others have been testing fixes for the CRSF bugs but without historical knowledge of how CRSF was implemented and where the limitations may lay in Deviation it is hard to find solutions. Please let us know if you are a Deviation contributor with knowledge of how CRSF was implemented.

Many thanks to all of you!
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06 Dec 2021 17:53 #77622 by FlyturboKwad
Replied by FlyturboKwad on topic Deviation devs - please assist on CRSF update!
Not sure if you notice but the there's been no nightlies since June 11, 2021 as the latest changes broke the build.

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