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Proto X for Devo6, with flip controls

22 Feb 2015 05:56 - 22 Feb 2015 06:14 #28991 by mwm
mwm created the topic: Proto X for Devo6, with flip controls
This is the config for the Proto X with a Devo 6S. It requires an A7105 module. Should work with switch tweaks on the 8 and 12, and with switch and icon tweaks on the 7e and 10. Uses "protox.bmp" for an icon; there are several available in the forums.

GEAR1: sticky throttle hold
DR0: 70% rate, AIL & ELE only
DR1: 100% rate, 35% expo, AIL & ELE only
MIX1: Turns the LED's off.
FMOD0: Flip MODe 0, doesn't flip.
FMOD1: Flip MODe 1, flips at cyclic extremes
FMOD2: Flip MODe 2, Hubsan flip mode

In FMOD2, you have the standard Hubsan flip controls: going quickly from half of cyclic in one direction to full in the other initiates a flip. I don't believe this works in low rates mode, but it should copy the Hubsan behavior at that sensitivity.

In FMOD1, taking the stick to full throw in any cyclic direction will initiate a flip in that direction. You may have to hold it for a bit. This DOES work in low rates mode. In high rate modes, the hubsan flip control will still work as well.

Timer2 is a permanent timer switched by THR.
Timer1 is a stopwatch timer switched by THR, reset by MIX2.

Telemetry is on, battery voltage alarm set at 3.2 volts. That's just before I get an LVC warning from the quad.

Display box 1 is THR.
Display box 2 is battery voltage
Display box 3 is timer2.
Display box 4 is timer1.

Icons for DR0 (low rates), FMOD1 and FMOD2 (flips happen), and throttle hold.

Quick page 1 is channel monitor, quick page 2 is Telemetry monitor.

Do not ask me questions via PM. Ask in the forums, where I'll answer if I can.

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Last Edit: 22 Feb 2015 06:14 by mwm. Reason: Add LED contorl info.

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