World Tech Striker Spy Drone (X5 Clone)

23 Apr 2016 14:40 - 23 Apr 2016 14:46 #47051 by jimw1956
World Tech Striker Spy Drone (X5 Clone) was created by jimw1956
Well I got my $20 Striker today and starting doing some experimentation with the Devo. First I would state that though it has a little cheaper "feel" than the Syma, it also right out of the box with the stock transmitter has three rates and a lot more responsive yaw. It also seems a bit more powerful.

Anyway, on to the Deviation stuff...This quad pairs with the CX10 Green protocol. The elevator is reversed, the other three channels are normal.

It flies great on the Devo (of course), but I need some help with making the video turn on. This particular quadcopter has a seperate button on the remote for the Video, and I'm not sure what channel they are using at this point.

I am a little fuzzy when it comes to virtual channel setup in deviation...could someone perhaps post me a snippet of code that for instance would turn the video on assuming it is on channel 5 with the throttle trim button?

I would like to get this working, but even more important I want to learn how to program virtual channels.

I have included a basic file for this model below for the devo 7e that includes throttle cut on Hold switch, and dual rates...60% and 100% on FMOD0 and FMOD1 respectively, with 20% expo.

I picked this quad up on for about $21. Don't expect perfection on these though, mine has an led out of the socket that I am going to have to fix, for instance. Works great otherwise though,
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28 Feb 2018 00:40 #67816 by morningview
Replied by morningview on topic World Tech Striker Spy Drone (X5 Clone)
Registered for this forum just to say thank you for this information.Thank you! Dust off the striker! triple flips.

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