Using Flight Mode and Dual Rates together

31 Aug 2017 13:02 #64069 by mmcbane

has anyone got an example of programming so that there are 3 flight modes, with each mode having dual rates separately switched using the D/R switches?

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01 Sep 2017 19:20 #64107 by mwm
Attached. This is usually pretty simple.

Flight Modes change the behavior of the aircraft - angle vs. rate mode, bank limits, stabilization, etc. - so are of necessity implemented on the flight controller. Your ini file needs to tell the flight controller to change modes, which on well-designed models (and the 200QX is that) just involves changing the value on a single channel.

Dual Rates change the response curve of the aircraft to the stick. They've historically been done in the transmitter, before we had computerized flight controllers. All of my aircraft do that as well, but I've seen some models that implemented it in the flight controller since it let them use cheaper parts in the transmitter. You also have to beware flight controllers that detect the maximum value of a channel for some purpose; using dual rates will probably screw that up.

For more info about this model file, my tutorial on writing deviaiton models explained everything in it in detail.

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