Blade F-27 FPV UMX with SAFE

31 Aug 2017 18:45 - 31 Aug 2017 21:21 #64080 by Ariete
Blade F-27 FPV UMX with SAFE was created by Ariete
I successfully configured a model for this new little plane.

Here is the model from my Devo 8S for the Blade F-27 UMX with SAFE.

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You have self levelling on FMOD0 and FMOD1 and only AS3X on FMOD2.

I don't know why but you have to "arm" the plane switching to GEAR1 a couple of seconds on then turning back to GEAR0.

Sticky throttle cut is on RUD D/R1.

The timer linked to throttle can be reset with MIX2.

It has telemetry ON but I am trying to figure out if there is anything that the receiver is sending.
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