Blade 230s Configuration

05 Dec 2017 14:49 #66348 by mgilbert
Blade 230s Configuration was created by mgilbert
I'm getting a used Blade 230s. I have a Devo 10 transmitter with Deviation. I know there are .ini files on this forum for the 230s, but I want to create my own, so I will understand better what I have. And I want to avoid the Advanced GUI programming mode, if at all possible. It's needlessly complex.

I'm building an Align 470LP, and have spent some time with the iKON2 FBL, so I have some understanding of how to program the Devo 10, but I have a couple of questions...

How can I assign stability mode to position one of the Flight Mode switch, using only the Standard GUI?

How can I assign SAFE to another switch, using only the Standard GUI

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