Jumper TGSG Plus Blade Nano S2 ini and instruction

30 Aug 2019 21:57 #75060 by enzo
Blade Nano S2 INI file for T8SG Plus
I found this great Japenese YouTube video
that has T8SG settings for the Blade Nano S2 but the .ini file they provided was a bit broke since the collective did not work in 3d mode, anyways i fixed it so this .ini file uploaded here should work for you!

Switch conditions:
A0 = SAFE + LowRate (90%)
A1 = SAFE + HighRate (100%)
A2 = 3D + IDL_up (NOTE!!! after watching the video they did somthing realy cool, if you fuck up in 3d mode just flick the button into A0 or 1, this causes the helo to flip upright and stabilize, it is like a better verison of using panic mode except you still have control)

D 0 = N / A
D1 = Thr-CUT
D2 = Thr-CUT

G 0 = N / A
G1 = Thr-CUT

H 0 = N / A
H1 = Thr - CUT

More helpful videos from these guys:

[TIPS] How to register the downloaded DeviationTx model INI file (T8SG V2 Plus)

Please like their chanel, figuring this tramitter out is still confusing to me but after getting their ini file and fixing it, I was able to get the heli flying the way I wanted. :)

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