HUBSAN H501S .ini file?

03 Jan 2017 14:13 #57498 by Fer
HUBSAN H501S .ini file? was created by Fer
I know there has to be at least one in the forum, but i wasn't able to find it. Only information i found was on what channel does what. I programmed a file myself, but for some reason, and although it was flying well for a first flight, the quad locked going straight farward and crused on the "incoming" wall. Thankfully i was in the basement.

So i am not trying any other "programming" on my own on this quad. Does anyone have, and would like to share a .ini file for DEVO 10 that works well with HUBSAN H501S, with a short description of how it works? Thank you.

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15 May 2017 23:14 - 15 May 2017 23:49 #62329 by andrej
Replied by andrej on topic HUBSAN H501S .ini file?
I'm attaching the .ini file that I had been successfully using until a recent firmware upgrade on the H501S. It used to work perfectly fine, but after the firmware upgrade there are at least two quite critical issues I'll be asking about on the forum. (And I'll link the relevant posts here later on.) The controls (before the firmware update) defined in the .ini file worked as follows:
  • ELEV D/R flips LEDs between steady, blinking and off; channel value doesn't matter; it looks like any change on the channel just switches to the next mode. Basically an equivalent of holding the down throttle trim for a while on the original TX.
  • GEAR starts recording a video upon a short click from 0 to 1 and back. The same action stops the video and takes 1 still photo immediately afterwards. This is tricky, because the mapping of channels 7 and 8 mentioned here didn't work for me. Channel 7 takes a video and then takes 1 photo at the moment the video is stopped. Channel 8 does nothing at all. This was the case also before the firmware upgrade and it still works that way.
  • MIX switches between manual mode (0), altitude hold mode (1) and both altitude and GPS hold (2). The meaning of channel 6 is inverted, as in "switch to manual mode", so (in this case) the maximum value yields manual mode and the minimum value represents altitude hold.
  • AILE D/R controls a virtual throttle channel. When set to 0, throttle is always based on the stick position. When set to 1, throttle is taken from the stick position only in manual mode, but set constantly to 0 (i.e., neutral, so to speak) in altitude and GPS hold modes. This makes cruising more comfortable in absence of a spring-loaded throttle stick, whenever the pilot so prefers.
  • FMOD is a throttle kill switch, so throttle will always be set to -100 unles FMOD is set to 0. It won't arm or disarm, however. (Arming and disarming is done by putting the sticks to their outer bottom positions simultaneously.)
Just FYI, my current Hubsan firmware versions are 1.1.36 for the FC, 1.2.20 for the RX and 4.2.24 for the TX. At the moment I'm considering a downgrade to some of the older versions that worked reliably with Deviation, unless Deviation can be fixed to support the newer ones.

Edit: Here are the two critical issues with the latest H501S firmware and Deviation:
  • It may disarm too easily , just by setting a minimum throttle for an instant, which sounds like a recipe for a crash.
  • It won't arm at all unless you either have a GPS signal, or can set some special bit in the protocol to bypass this. (And it looks like Deviation doesn't support that special bit.)
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12 Jul 2017 07:39 #63407 by Fer
Replied by Fer on topic HUBSAN H501S .ini file?
Eventhough it is a bit late, thank you for the file and the detailed description. I had some issues and wasn't flying my H501S, but now that it is fixed, i will defenatly try this file and see how it works. Thank you for all the time and efford.

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