Eachine 010s DSM2 @Walkera Devo F12E

27 Jun 2018 10:08 #69722 by iser
Hey Guys,

Im new to this site and all the RC-Deviation Stuff.
I got some skills in modifiying Firmware and Bios from Computers and other IOT-Things, but im not able to fly my eachine 010s @ my Devo f12E Controller.
I put the nightly build 5.0 on it but i am not able to modify any Models. Its possible to bind the 010S in DSM2 Mode with my Remotecontroll, but this is all. Just binding and no reaktion of any input. The Camera is connected and working fine.
Now i got some *.ini configs but with deviation uploader and DfUse i am only able to upload *.bin files.

Has anybody got an Idea how to fix the Problem? Maybe i did it wrong and you got another method to bind the eachine 010S DSM2 @ my Walkera Devo f12E.
Is there any other Remote Controller which can be used with this model? The Devo F12E came with a Walkera Runner 250 Pro Advanced and worked really good. But now im not amused of this RemoteController.

Please Help!
I have searched the Forum but didnĀ“t find a similar Topic.
If there is a thread dealin with the same Problem, I am Sorry.
Post ist please.

See Ya!

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