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Hubsan H501s - quad/rx firmware version to use?

07 Jul 2018 15:08 #69801 by belrik
Hi all,
I've got an H501S advanced addition. So far it appears to bind and I can reliably change the video channel and see the battery voltage but I can't arm the thing and of course the 5.8G only shows the camera with no telemetry, warnings etc. Is there a trick to arming? I've tried the usual down and corners approach but that doesn't work.

I'm running 1.1.17 firmware on the quad and 1.2 on the advanced transmitter, (H906).

So far its ok to fly but would be great to figure out which firmware is gonna work without getting stuck on some firmware that requires GPS to take off, as I know the later versions added.

Any suggestions on suitable firmware versions for the flight controller and rx that are most compatible with Deviation. Using jumper t8sg v2 on this, have an H107D model working but not this..

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16 Jul 2018 12:43 #69885 by belrik
I tried a few versions and settled on the FC firmware H501S-FC-V1.1.23-RHE-NoMagCal.hbs which is a non-official firmware that disables the compass calibration and seems to work with deviationTX now.

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