US65, UK65, UR65

28 Feb 2019 00:31 - 02 Mar 2019 04:25 #73053 by judicmr
US65, UK65, UR65 was created by judicmr
I have a US65 whoop with an FRSKY receiver. I set up the Jumper with FRSKY-X protocol. I had to mess around with the control channels to get it to work. Note that the settings below differ from the YouTube video by Jay Drone. Not sure why. At first Roll, Pitch, and Yaw all worked, but no thrust. Then, like magic, all started working. Must have been a sync issue. Note that you will have to pull the right stick down to start the Jumper since that is now thrust for this model.
1-AIL set to THR
2-ELE Reversed and set to AIL
3-THR set to ELE
4- RUD Reversed
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