Realacc R11 Mini

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Have got Realacc R11 mini drone, would like to pair it with my DEVO 7E, any ideas which protocol used?

UPD transmitter based on MX5323 chip

MX5323 is a low-cost, highly integrated 2.4G wireless transceiver chip that uses GFSK modulation. chip Integrated RF transceiver, data link and low power MCU. The user issues instructions to the chip through the I/O port of the MCU Order, the chip automatically completes the transceiver configuration to communicate, and automatically determines whether the data transmission/reception is successful according to the response information Power, so as to retransmit, lose packets, continue to send and wait for operations, simplifying the user program. Transmitter support power Adjustable, the receiver adopts superheterodyne structure, the peripheral circuit is simple, only a few peripheral passive devices are needed. The chip uses SOP16L The package of the pin conforms to the RoHS standard.characteristic● 2.4GHz general ISM band operation;● Single chip completes sending and receiving;● Support 10 I/O port communication:● I/O port supports sleep wake-up function;● Support automatic data packet processing;● Support 33mm wire antenna;● Support single panel;● Support pin function customization;● Built-in 6 data channels, support self-organizing network;● 2.5V~3.6V power supply;● MCU memory FLASH: 2K bytes RAM: 208 bytes (40 dedicated RAM + 168 general RAM)● MCU features AD detection, PWM output, built-in up/down resistance, key wake up

Pin description
Pin name Pin description
PA0-PA4 Programmable as: input port, input port with pull-up resistor, push-pull output port; can also be used as A/D conversion mode
PA6,PA7 Intended input port, external interrupt input port, PWM output port, with sleep wake-up function
PB5 Programmable as: input port;
PC0, PC1 Programmable as: input port, up/down resistance input port, push-pull output port, open drain output port, programming communication mouth
VDD1 Digital power port
GND Chip ground port
VDD2 Analog power port
ANT Antenna port
XC1, XC2 Crystal port
RB4 Internal pin of MCU, connect to CE pin of RF chip
RB3 MCU internal pin, connect to RF chip CSN pin
RB2 MCU internal pin, connected to SCK pin of RF chip
RB1 MCU internal pin, connect to RF chip MOSI pin
RB0 MCU internal pin, connect to MISO pin of RF chip
RC2 MCU internal pin, connect to RF chip IRQ pin
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27 Jun 2020 13:10 #76533 by unknown
Replied by unknown on topic Realacc R11 Mini
Finally I save dump using XN297Dump firmware for DEVO7e, need help to recognize protocol.

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