Polish translation Devo10 (Język Polski w DEVO10)

07 Feb 2022 09:56 #77812 by McGyver
Hi there!
Maybe someone will be interested in Polish translation for Devo 10.
Most things was checked, translated and works fine. For sure there will be something to fix to make it better but at all works great :)
Q1: Is there option to add polish characters to standard font? or add another font with that addional letters so all could be 100% local? I didn't use polish characters (ąęćżółźśżń) so all works but if it possible I want to add them later.
Q2: Can I change menu text to some smaller font to make longer texts apear at avaliable space? - some texts are too long so I have to short them somehow :) I tried to change stock font to smmaller one (works) but first letters disappear somehow so i leave all stock for now.

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07 Feb 2022 19:51 #77817 by hexfet
Thanks! I will get this added to the repo.

I haven't worked with the fonts so don't have answers to your questions. This thread has some discussion about using a smaller font in the UI.

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