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Building With Eclipse

NOTE: It is now strongly recommended that you use Docker images to build Deviation. Instructions for building can be found here

Thanks to xCometz for these instructions

Note: These instructions are based on building from HG. Deviation is now on github and the instructions need to be updated

I hope this quick eclipse instruction can help.

What you need

  1. Running toolchain on Mingw Shell (you can compile without toolchain error)
  2. Phyton
  3. Java Runtime
  4. Eclipse with CDT
  5. Mercurial v2.0 above (
  6. MercurialEclipse (…i/update_site/stable)
  7. Project and environtment setting

If you did all PB instruction how to install the build environtment, you have done step 1 and 2. Then just install 3, 4 and 5.

After you have installed Elipse then open it and install plugins MercurialEclipse over Help→Install New Software.

Project import and environtment setting

  1. Click File→Import, select Clone Exixting Mercurial Repository, then click next and follow until finish (you can clone in other directory name, just change it to your desire name)
  2. Select the project in Project Explorer by clicking it the open File→New→Convert to a C/C++ Projects
  3. Choose makefile project and –Other Toolchain–, then click finish
  4. Click File→Properties then click C/C++ Build
  5. On Builder Settings Tab→Build location add /src before }, example: ${workspace_loc:/deviation/src}, this ist your working directory for this project.
  6. On Behavious Tab → Workbench Build Behavior, Build (Incremental build) put your desire make argument (ex: TARGET=devo10) and clean argument (ex: TARGET=devo10 clean)
  7. Explode C/C++ Build then click Environtment add:
    • PATH → Your compiler bin path, mingw bin path, msys bin path, python path, mercurial path, and JRE path
    • example:
      • PATH D:\compiler\arm\bin;C:\MinGW\bin;C:\MinGW\msys\1.0\bin;C:\Program Files\Python27;C:\Program Files\Mercurial;C:/Program Files/Java/jre6/bin/client;
    • TEMP → your temporary directory
    • TMP → your temporary directory
  8. If you have more than one toolchain you can choose 'Replace native environtment with specified one', it can also accelerate compiling because it search only in specified one folder.
  9. Go to C/C++ Build → Setting and choose GNU elf parser.
  10. Now you can build project by right clicking your project→Build project

To do Mercurial command just right clicking your project and choose Team.

What you need next is to configure code style:

The style I use is pretty close to 1TBS. I was able to get close in Eclipse, by

  • making a new style with K&R as the base
  • changing indentation to 'spaces only'
  • selecting for braces: function → next line
  • selecting for braces: blocks → next line on wrap
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