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EMAX Babyhawk 85mm

This configuration file is being used on the Devo 7e with the 4-in-1 module. No other hardware modifications.

The Babyhawk has Betaflight 3.2.3 with the Blheli D-Shot 600 ESC's.

  • HOLD switch is the arming switch
  • FMODE switch is for Beeper/Buzzer for “Find me”
  • Trim TRIMLV is configured to control 3 flight modes
  • Trim TRIMLH is configured for 3 position in flight PID selection
  • Trim TRIMRV enables “Turtle mode” to flip quad right-side-up
  • Trim TRIMRH is configured to increase/decrease PID adjustment
  • The GUI home screen gives useful status information when flying

Thank you to the DeviationTX development team for allowing the inexpensive transmitter to be so capable.

* model5 babyhawk.jpg

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